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How can I prepare my team for the change to agile?

Read the GSD Scrum Handbook. We explain the entire GSD Gold process from beginning to end in less than 40 pages total.

BenefitTransparency and clear expectations are keys to success. Our clients quickly read the handbook, gain a clear understanding of the GSD Gold process and know what to expect before the transition. GSD Gold agile scrum is not magic, it’s a mindset … And it’s awesome!

Does the entire organization have to practice scrum in order for GSD Gold to work?

No, the entire organization does not have to become agile, only the development team.

And yes, you can transition to agile one team at a time.

BenefitSome agile frameworks expect the entire organization to change. At GSD, we believe this is too much to ask. In fact, our GSD Gold process allows your company to continue with its current PMO and project status reporting standards.

Why do agile teams outperform waterfall teams?

That is a short question with a big answer! We’ll summarize with our Big 3 reasons:

  1. Agile teams are self-managing and practice continuous improvement.
  2. Agile teams don’t need to flush out every requirement to begin development.
  3. Agile teams focus on delivering features on a release schedule, not to tasks in a Microsoft Project plan.

Why it works:

  1. Self-managing teams that are empowered to make decisions about how they work together become more productive.
  2. Teams that focus on the project’s immediate needs are less likely to get lost in analysis paralysis.
  3. Teams that focus on delivering demonstrable value in short timeframes tend to make their release commitments.

We’ve tried agile before and it didn’t work. Why will GSD Gold work this time?

Agile is more than a process, it’s a mindset. The GSD Gold process clearly explains how to change your thinking to become more agile.

BenefitNot only does the GSD Gold Handbook explain our method of agile scrum in easy-to-understand terms, we also explain concepts behind the agile mindset and give you exercises to help you think with agility.

I think we needs hands-on coaching. Are you available on a consulting basis?

Yes, both of us are available to help with your transition to agile.

BenefitIt’s always a good idea to hire an impartial 3rd party to help with transition management. We can help existing agile teams add new GSD Gold processes to improve performance or jumpstart new agile teams.