PMI Portland Picks GSD Mindset to Speak at September 14 Annual Conference

GSD Mindset to Share 10 Easy Ways to Close More Stories


Many scrum teams have trouble meeting their sprint commitments. The symptoms are varied and often include: ending sprints with unfinished stories, bringing in stories mid-sprint and realizing the assigned developer may not have the skills to complete the story.

Cynthia Kahn has been practicing scrum for over 7 years. She has transitioned and coached teams at multiple companies in a variety of industries. She turns around struggling teams into superstars.

Whether your team is struggling or just needs a nudge in the right direction, in the session 10 Easy Ways to Closing More Stories, Cynthia offers techniques to help teams achieve a better burndown and meet their sprint commitments without sacrificing quality by:

  1. Writing better stories
  2. Taking advantage of the time spent together at daily standup
  3. Ensuring the scrum team is organized for success


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