GSD Agile Scrum Method Helps Teams Succeed

GSD Agile Scrum Teams Outperform their Peers

We know much is on the line when you are responsible for leading the transition to agile scrum.

First, there’s training. Everyone has to learn new techniques.
Then, you realize Agile is more than reading the Agile Manifesto and memorizing a bunch of new terminology and techniques, it’s about changing the way you think.

We get it: You don’t know where to begin.

The GSD Scrum Method is more than theory. We teach how to apply agile scrum so your teams are well-organized, your projects are well-planned, your sprints are productive and you status report accurately to upper management.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants?

GSD Scrum Handbook

We believe so strongly in the way we apply agile that we decided to write a book about how we teach and coach teams to better utilize agile scrum, which includes tips to help you change the way you think about application development.

Scrum in 1 Day Workshop

In just 8 hours, we provide class instruction and hands on exercises that help your team achieve the following objectives: plan with agility, change to agile mindset, groom your backlog, organize and execute sprints, release and report status.

Agile Scrum Assessment

Could your team benefit from tips to improve scrum practices or shift to an agile mindset? Our 10-point assessment covers: organizing, planning, story writing, sprinting, retrospectives, velocity, releasing and project status.

Agile Coaching

The transition to scrum requires more than adopting scrum practices, it also requires changing the way you think and your approach to planning and development. When you enlist us to coach your teams, we help reinforce these new concepts and practices.

Are you ready to learn how to apply Agile Scrum in real world  business?

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