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Learn to Apply Scrum in Real World Business

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to agile or if you currently practice agile methods on the job. The Scrum in 1 Day workshop helps you better organize, plan and execute projects with Scrum.

In just 8 hours, we provide class instruction and hands on exercises that help you achieve the following objectives:

  • Plan your next project with agility
  • Change to an agile mindset
  • Build your initial backlog
  • Successfully organize and execute your first sprint
  • Determine when and how to release your application
  • Remain agile yet status report traditional for your management

We teach tips and techniques not usually taught in certification training. That’s why after the workshop, everyone who attended is on the same page and has the tools to develop applications with agility.

This is a 7-unit continuing education course that can be applied to your PMP, CSM or other certification.


Here’s what PMI Austin has to say about workshops we presented in May and June:

“We asked Cynthia and Gerri back for a second year to offer ‘Scrum in 1 Day’ to members of our Austin chapter. Due to Covid we had 3 smaller sized workshops conducted online and all three were highly successful. Cynthia’s experience and knowledge combined with having attendees use Scrum to create the ‘Bank App’ was highly effective in teaching the methodology. I learned a lot about ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ when it comes to Scrum. Overall, an informative workshop that provided attendees with techniques that can be applied at work right away. I will keep GSD, An Agile Mindset on my reference list for future workshops for our members.”
Cynthia Smith, PMP – Special Events Chair, PMI Austin Chapter.

Here’s what our students say about Scrum in 1 Day:

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about Scrum. I’ve attended Agile workshops in the past and I thought this course would be a good review, but it turned out to be so much more. I really learned a lot today, including that I really don’t know that much about Scrum!”

“I greatly enjoyed the training class, and the … exercises really brought it home for me, giving practical demonstrations to the principles and methodologies we were discussing.”

“Great course on Scrum today! Very informative, you gave a good, complete overview of what Scrum is and how to use it. As a neophyte in the Scrum world, it is most informative.”

“Great material, great real-world references, and altogether this was very very helpful!”

“I am overdue in sending a thank you for presenting the Scrum in 1 Day seminar last week. I have no experience with Agile, and your instruction really helped me understand what it is and how it works.”

“Thank you so much for the training on Saturday. I got really great points and I cannot wait to put these into practice.”

“I run my own real estate investing and at the moment, I am very heavily involved in the remodeling projects. I do feel that Scrum can be a helpful tool for me to not loose my marbles while working on a construction project and run/coordinate all the different pieces of a business.”