About GSD Mindset Founders

April Shepherd and Cynthia Kahn

April Shepherd and Cynthia Kahn

April Shepherd and Cynthia Kahn founded GSD Mindset in March 2016. We both have our PMI PMPs and Scrum Alliance CSMs, plus 30 years of project management experience combined.

We are 100% agile converts. We have taken the leap and left our old waterfall ways behind. We have successfully applied agile scrum to many development projects at multiple companies, big and small. Our GSD agile teams outperform teams of our peers, even teams that also say they are agile too.

In a little over one year, April and Cynthia wrote the GSD Scrum Handbook and developed the now popular Scrum in 1 Day workshop that teaches students how to apply Agile Scrum in real world business. April exited GSD Mindset last December, and we’re excited to have found Gerri Grove, who has now joined our team to bring the GSD Mindset to the East Coast. With a PMP and a CSM, Gerri adds another 15 years of project management experience along with her special expertise in US Federal Government consulting. With this, we hope to help our Feds join the Agile Revolution.

Gerri Slama Grove

Gerri Slama Grove

Let us help you.  We would love the opportunity to train your development teams in the GSD agile method, so they too can get more stuff done and be more productive.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants?

Get started by reading our GSD Scrum Handbook and checking out our Blog. Hopefully, you will get as excited about agile scrum as we are. After that, if you want up close and personal instruction, reach out and contact us. We’d love to come out and help in person.

Cynthia Kahn and Gerri Grove
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