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We teach how to apply Scrum so your teams are well-organized, your projects are well-planned, your sprints are productive and your status reports to management are accurate.


FREE Agile Planning Lunchtime Webinar

Jumpstart your plans for 2021 by attending our FREE Agile Planning for Projects webinar on Nov 10 at 1 pm ET / noon CT / 10 am PT.

If we get lots of support, we may make these events a monthly happening.

About Agile Planning for Projects:

The traditional work breakdown structure does not work with Scrum. However, that’s no excuse to skip planning and write Stories without a roadmap or understanding of what you need to accomplish. Cynthia Kahn from GSD Mindset offers a straightforward planning method that can easily be applied to any agile project.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why traditional planning doesn’t work.
  • Feature breakdown over work breakdown.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • How planning fits into simplified Scrum framework.

So, sign up! It’s FREE! What have you got to lose?

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GSD Scrum Method Goes Beyond Certification

We developed the GSD Scrum Method because many students return to work after certification unable to  apply the Scrum framework. Scrum is more than reading the Agile Manifesto and memorizing new terminology. It’s about changing your approach to software development.

Our training includes tips and techniques not usually taught in certification courses. That’s why our students return to work with the skills needed to successfully apply Scrum to their next project.

We offer multiple products to help with agile transition.

Scrum in 1 Day Workshop

When we start training students in the morning, they know scrum by the afternoon. In 8 hours, we provide instruction and exercises that show how to achieve an agile mindset, plan projects, write stories, execute sprints, release and report project status.

Deep Dive Webinars and Workshops

For help with specific topics, we offer focused 1-3 hour webinars and workshops: Introduction to Agile, Agile Planning, How to Write Better Stories, 10 Ways to Close More Stories and Agile Status Reporting.

GSD Scrum Handbook

We are passionate thought leaders who’ve authored a compelling handbook about scrum. Step-by-step, we provide a method to change your approach to development. Our book is easy to understand, which makes it a great after workshop reference.

Reinforcement through Coaching

The transition to scrum requires more than adopting scrum practices, it also requires changing the way you think about planning and development. When you enlist us to coach your teams, we reinforce these new concepts and practices.


Apply Your Agile Mindset to Business and Goal Setting

We realized that we could apply the same agile techniques we use in our software practice to clarify our personal goal setting and eliminate the overwhelm.

Cynthia became so excited about how she applies agile techniques to goal achievement that she submitted the idea to TED. Her idea was accepted, and here’s her TEDx Talk: Apply Agile Principles in Your Life and Be Happier.


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