An Agile Approach to Product Development


Shorter Product Lead Times…

Require Focusing on the Right Features

Issues such as missed features, extended deadlines, and poor quality software challenge both new and experienced agile teams. These issues impact profitability, competitiveness and customer retention. GSD Mindset’s agile approach to product development provides immediate return on investment through training and consulting solutions that focus on the right features and improve team performance.

Product Accelerator Program

We've created a unique program that provides immediate return on investment through consulting services that ensure your next product release has features customers want and quickly gets your product to market.

We accomplish this by:

* Focusing on the customer’s definition of success.
* Coaching that gets teams up to speed on Agile techniques.
* Defining the minimum viable product (MVP) based on what the customer wants.
* Creating achievable product launch plans.
* Developing an action plan that ensures continued success after the program is completed.

Product Accelerator Car

** Tame the Wild West **

Successful companies may grow to the point where their current way of working no longer produces desired results. We know that team structure directly impacts the agile team's ability to close Stories and meet commitments. We assess your current organization and help organize your teams, so they truly become self-managing and more productive.

Wild West

** Meet Product Launch Deadlines **

We’ve worked with executives who ran out of development budget runway and became desperate to get their product to market. In today's competitive landscape, lead times are shorter and businesses must launch their product faster than ever before. We help define your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), so your team knows where to focus and what to release first.

With today’s tight budgets and deadlines, knowing the accurate status of product development is critical. Unfortunately, many agile tracking applications are not set up to provide this valuable information. It’s hard to make necessary changes to Product Scope and Budget without knowing the status of each feature. We’ll assess your Product Backlog and help you organize it, so you can extract the data you need to make insightful product decisions based on actual data instead of best guesses.

Product Launch

** Improve Product Quality **

Shorter product lead times do not mean sacrificing quality to speed up development. The MVP must be a quality product that stands up to the competition. It has to be a product customers love. We work with your teams to create a lightweight Definition of Done that ensures when the Story closes, the feature is bug free and customer ready.

quality product


The GSD Scrum Method 

We developed the GSD Scrum Method because many companies invest in agile certification only to find their employees return to work unable to apply the Scrum framework. The GSD Scrum Method is an agile approach to product development. Our training includes tips and techniques not usually taught in certification courses. That’s why our students return to work with the skills needed to successfully apply Scrum to their next project.

We offer multiple options to our agile approach to product development.

Scrum in 1 Day Workshop

When we start training students in the morning, they know scrum by the afternoon. In 8 hours, we provide instruction and exercises that show how to achieve an agile mindset, plan projects, write stories, execute sprints, release and report project status.

Deep Dive Webinars and Workshops

For help with specific topics, we offer focused 1-3 hour webinars and workshops: Introduction to Agile, Agile Planning, How to Write Better Stories, 10 Ways to Close More Stories, Status Reporting and Agile Mindset for Managers.

GSD Scrum Handbook

We are passionate thought leaders who’ve authored a compelling handbook about scrum. Step-by-step, we provide a method to change your approach to development. Our book is easy to understand, which makes it a great after workshop reference.

Reinforcement through Coaching

Transition to an agile product mindset requires more than becoming certified and trying out new practices. It requires changing the way everyone thinks. Enlist us to train you and your teams to get everyone on the same page. Then we'll reinforce these new concepts through coaching. We want your teams to be efficient, delivery to be predictable, and your product to meet customer expectations.


Cynthia Kahn to Co-Host Agile World Better English Podcast

According to Agile World founders Sabrina Bruce and Karl Smith, “The Agile World Better English show has been created to aid a much larger group of English speakers engaging with Agile World in a more culturally and socially sensitive way than the British English do!”

Cynthia and co-host Steve Moubray are passionate about agile. They plan to share experiences of how others apply agile principles to become successful. So, hopefully, you can apply those principles too and achieve everything you want.

Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray

Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray

Check out the latest episodes:

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We realized that we could apply the same agile techniques we use in our software practice to clarify our personal goal setting and eliminate the overwhelm.

Cynthia became so excited about how she applies agile techniques to goal achievement that she submitted the idea to TED. Her idea was accepted, and here’s her TEDx Talk: Apply Agile Principles in Your Life and Be Happier.


A Few of the Companies We’ve Helped

Our track record includes providing services to Fortune companies (such as Intel, Nike, Visa and the Project Management Institute) in addition to early stage startups and mid-sized companies. Partner with GSD Mindset and we’ll provide your teams with leading edge, innovative Scrum training content and coaching.

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