GSD Scrum Handbook Introduction

GSD Handbook coverWe cringe every time someone says that Agile doesn’t work. We even get a little angry. What the heck? Agile, specifically Scrum, is the absolute best way to organize and manage application development projects. Our Agile teams outperform our peer teams every time. No lie.

If Scrum is not working for you, then you really don’t understand it. Agile is not just about reading the Agile Manifesto and memorizing a bunch of new terminology and techniques, it’s about changing the way you think. We call this new way of thinking The Agile Mindset. Yeah … original, but we believe in clarity (getting stuff done) over terminology (often manifests itself in useless rote memorization). Maybe we should add that to the manifesto too!

We believe so strongly in the way we apply Agile that we decided to start our own company called GSD (for Get Stuff Done). We also decided to write a book about how we teach and coach teams to better utilize Scrum, which includes tips to help you change the way you think about application development.

Our book is short, sweet and easy to understand. Good news for those who already know Agile: we did not make up a bunch of new terms for the same Agile terms you already know. So, you already have a head start. For those new to Agile, we explain how to organize and manage your first project. We not only take you through the steps, but we also explain how to change your thought process at every step to increase your chance for success right out of the gate.

What topics do we cover?

Chapter 1 – How to organize an effective team

Chapter 2 – Rethink your approach to project planning

Chapter 3 – Story writing

Chapter 4 – Story grooming

Chapter 5 – Sprint planning

Chapter 6 – Sprinting and monitoring sprint progress

Chapter 7 – Continuous improvement

Chapter 8 – Velocity

Chapter 9 – Releases

Chapter 10 – Project Status Reporting

That’s a lot of stuff!

As a bonus, to ensure you give your managers what they need, we teach you how to blend Agile development methods with waterfall milestones, so you can still be Agile and report progress against more traditional project methods.

Just click on Chapter 1 and get started: Chapter 1 – How to organize an effective team

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Happy learning,
Cynthia Kahn and April Shepherd