GSD Scrum Training

Get Your Team Up to Speed on Scrum for the Real World

Our One-Day Scrum Training Prepares Your Team to Successfully Transition to Agile

April Shepherd and Cynthia Kahn at GSD Scrum TrainingSo, you read the GSD Scrum Handbook and you love it. You now understand how to apply scrum in today’s fast-based business world. All good news!

After you read the handbook, you have an agile mindset and you know how to apply scrum. You get it.

Now, you have to present those concepts to the rest of your team or maybe even your entire organization.
We get it: You don’t know where to begin.

We know what you went through to change the way you think and adopt an agile mindset. You want your organization to become agile too. We also know how much is on the line when you not only have to convert your team to agile, but also plan for and deliver your first agile project.

That’s where we can help. We offer a unique one-day scrum training program.

In just 8 hours, we provide class instruction and hands on exercises that help your team achieve the following objectives:

  • Plan with your first project with agility
  • Change to an agile mindset
  • Groom your initial backlog
  • Successfully organize and execute your first sprint
  • Determine when and how to release your application
  • Remain agile yet status report waterfall (to management and your PMO)

After our training, everyone who attended is on the same page and has the tools to develop applications with agility. We can even extend the planning part of the course a half day to help you completely plan your first agile project, baseline it and plan feature releases.

Now, you have no excuses.

Are you serious about agile, but don’t know how to get started?


Then contact us for a free consultation.

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GSD Scrum Training   GSD Scrum Training   GSD Scrum Training